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V8 Race NT

V8 Race

The Drive of a Lifetime

There’s nothing like the thrill of real race driving – and a big loud and fast V8 has to be the way to go! This is the closest experience to living the dream of a being a v8 race car driver. In race suit and helmet, being strapped in and going full tilt for 6 awesome laps around a championship race track.

Things to do

Front Seat Race Ride-3 Hot Laps

Flat out front seat hot laps showing what a V8 can really do will catapult you to speeds only seen on TV! Get ready to race down the straight and get the kind of thrill only a professional can give! You'll be briefed on basic safety, suited up and put into a V8 race car specifically fitted to give passengers the maximum experience. In the pits you're wired up with your intercom-fitted helmet ready to get the low down from the racer as he talks you through your classic Aussie race track. Get to ridiculous speeds and feel the G-forces that race drivers find addictive.

Speed Racer Combo - 6 Laps Driving Plus 3 Hot Laps Riding

This is an amazing drive and hot lap combo where you actually get behind the wheel yourself and if that’s not enough, you blast around also with a real pro! You'll be fitted into your race suit and you'll feel the anticipation rise as other cars zoom by. You are then strapped in behind the wheel and off you go for your drive of a lifetime! Through your intercom, your in-car coach will talk you through advanced gear changes and brake points so that you can drive fast and safely. You will be able to drive for 6 awesome laps on a fantastic circuit with long straights, thrilling undulations and challenging cornering. Just when you think your heart couldn’t beat wilder, you’ll jump in the back seat with another dare devil and hang on as a CAMS racing pro blasts it for another 3 laps. It’ll take days to wipe the smile off your face!

V8 Real Race Drive-6 laps

This V8 lover’s dream will have you strapped in and hammering it flat out for a spectacular 6 laps around a real racetrack. You'll be taught pro driving techniques with your own in-car coach getting you to speeds around 200kph!

Ticket Information

Pass Option

Ticket Type


V8 Race NT per person

Front Seat Race Ride-3 Hot Laps


Speed Racer Combo 6 Laps Driving Plus 3 Hot Laps Riding


V8 Real Race Drive - 6 laps


Visitor Information

Operating Hours

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Closing time


The supplier, V8RACE’s Office is Open Mon-Fri 9-5 pm EST


The experience is at Hidden Valley Raceway is part of the Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex, 10 kilometres from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

How to get there

  • Car
    Entry through Tiger Brennan Drive, Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley Raceway is located five kilometres from Darwin Airport and 10km from the city's central business district.

Additional Information

Please ensure you call 1800 887 223 to make your booking.

This is a 2-3 hour event including the briefing and driving. We operate on set race dates during the year.

Please wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes on the day such as runners. The race suit can be worn over your clothing. Please lock any valuables in your own car as the race tracks do not provide lockers.

To ensure your safety, your drive may be postponed due to poor weather conditions or rescheduled for a later date Please call 0400 226 219 if it is raining prior to you leaving home, a recorded message is left from 7am advising of track and weather conditions.

All attendees will be required to sign a liability waiver upon entering the track and participants only will also sign an indemnity form prior to driving. In the event of an accident you will be liable to cover the first $3000 towards the repair costs of the car.

Drive: You must be over 18 years of age and hold a P-Plate license as a minimum requirement. All participants must be drug and alcohol free. A 130kg maximum weight restriction applies. A V8 automatic Holden is available for drivers who don't hold a manual license.

Ride: You must be over 135 cm tall to participate, and a weight limit of 130kgs also applies. You'll need to be drug and alcohol free!

Terms and Conditions
Purchase of the tickets is subject to our partner’s terms and conditions. Please visit their sites.