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National Dinosaur Museum

National Dinosaur

A journey through time

The National Dinosaur Museum is situated in Canberra, Australia's capital city. It is one of the premiere tourist attractions in the area.

Starting from humble beginnings in 1993, the museum has grown from just a small collection to housing the largest permanent display of dinosaur and other prehistoric fossil material in Australia.

With 23 complete skeletons, and over 300 displays of individual fossils, the museum continues to grow and expand their collection and the depth of information.

Things to do

Dinosaur Garden

Enjoy a picnic and the photo opportunity offered by the Dinosaur Garden. Get up close and personal with and walk amongst these ancient giants. Discover a massive, walk-through t-Rex mouth, and enormous petrified-wood tree trunks. Get a feel of what it was like to walk amongst the giants of the past!

Free Tours

The National Dinosaur Museum is the largest permanent display of dinosaur material in Australia. Our friendly museum staff will guide you through the exhibits, and are trained to answer your questions. The Staff have backgrounds in science and education and a “passion” for dinosaurs and prehistoric life.

Giants Of The Ice Age

Our new exhibition on ice-age animals features a gigantic Stegodon, a relative of the woolly mammoth, who stands at 4m high and stretches over 7.5m long. The display also includes a giant sloth which, unlike its modern descendants, ate meat and could move at speed. See real woolly mammoth hair, tusk and bone.


A 150 million year old Apatosaurus bone forms part of the museum’s hands-on, interactive element. Touch a fossilised bone belonging to Iguanodon, one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered. Feel a staggeringly heavy, 150Kg, meteorite, and other geological and paleontological treasures. We also cater for younger children with an interactive play area.

Crystals, Minerals, & Fossils

Explore Canberra’s largest display of minerals and fossils for sale in the museum’s gift shop. We stock specimens sourced from all over the world, ranging from rare and beautiful, museum quality samples through to ones with which to start your own collection. You can also find prehistorically inspired toys, collectable models, books, posters, clothing, and souvenirs to suit people of all ages.

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National Dinosaur Museum

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last admissions 4.30pm
Closed Christmas Day


6 Gold Creek Road, Nicholls. ACT. 2913

How to get there

    Located 15 mins from the Canberra CBD in Gold Creek Village, on the corner of the Barton Hwy and Gold Creek Rd Nicholls
    Public Transport; Action buses #51 & #52 to Federation Square

Additional Information

Extra child tickets are only available with an accompanying adult pass.

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