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Fun City

Fun City

Home of Entertainment in Melbourne

Fun City is the home of entertainment in Melbourne, with a host of games and activities for people of all ages, including laser tag, Bungee Run, Final Destination, haunted house and so many more!

Home to the famous Formula E Karting track and an exciting new kids Zone, Fun City is the perfect destination for parties, gatherings and all things fun!

Things to do

Bungee Run

This fully inflatable structure provides a safe environment in which you can test your strengths. Run against the powerful bungee cord and then bungee back to the start. Be sure to run, and slam the velcro marker on the wall . The furthest marker wins! How far can you go? Bungee run is not for unfit people or anyone with disabilities. The bungee run is our most favourite birthday party option.

Dark Zone Lazer Tag

Using the ultimate laser tag & laser skirmish game technology equipment, this 2 level laser arena consisting of ramps and playing props is the only way to experience laser tag! In Australia's newest playing arena up to 50 gamers enter the hi tech briefing room which explains how to play Darkzone as well as the rules of the game using a digital video presentation. After the briefing you have fifteen minutes of laser tag shooting at your mates, family or other opponents while trying to find the six bases.

Final Destination

Our Final Destination is a Scary walk-through, dark maze experience. All participants enter together in a human chain like style, with a staff member at the front and also one at the rear. Inside are a cast of live actors who are always hungry to feel and touch. Our Final Destination is a horror themed attraction, bookings are always essential. Come and try, if you dare to step inside! For Ages 9 and up!

Haunted House

The maze leads you around and around and quite easily leaves the daring visitors feeling lost. Haunted House is fun for all ages, and one of our most popular birthday party attractions at Fun City. Take a walk inside with the tiny torches provided and creep through the haunted pathways. Suitable for all ages.

Kids City

The newest addition to Fun City will keep the kids entertained for hours as they climb through the tunnels above and plumet down the Giant Yellow Worm. Right next to the coffee area, Parents can sit down, have a coffee and watch their kids run around, have fun and make friends.

Sticky Wall

Brand New to Fun City is the Sticky Wall. Participants step into a multi-coloued striped sticky suit, and sprint down the runway, bounce and land on the sticky wall. Sometimes landing sideways, upside down or even backwards.. Great fun for all kids to simply and safely clown around! For ages up to 13

Sumo Wrestling

Add some excitement and fun to your night. The Sumo suits are available from 6pm till late, however is limited to persons ages 16 and over. Challenge your mates, your boss or perhaps your mum? Dive into the sumo suits and pose for photos, then in the best of three rounds see who is the stronger competitor!

The Last Ride

The Last Ride is a burial simulator which allows visitors to experience what it's like to be loaded onto the hearse, drove to the cemetery, and buried six feet under! Listen to the voices of the grave diggers and feel the coffin move and bounce around as you're dropped at the burial site. But, don't worry, it's not real.... or is it? A night vision camera inside the coffin lets your friends witness the horror on your face as you take your LAST RIDE!

Venturer S2

Whilst inside one of our Venturers, choose a film ride, and as the movie plays, your venturer moves, capturing you inside the movie itself. Each Venturer seats 2 people at one time. With a range of movies like Diving with Dolphins to great Roller Coaster rides and so many more the venturer S2 is a unique and exciting experience for all!

Voyager F5000

It is 2097 AD. You are on the grid for the next race. Your objective is to complete 3 laps of the circuit of your choice as fast as you can while you or your Weapons Controller cripples or destroys all the competitors on the track. Will your voyager come out alive?

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Fun City 2 hours Laser Tag

Fun City 2 hours Laser Tag – Mon-Fri


Fun City 2 hours Laser Tag – Sat & Sun + Public Holidays

Fun City 3 Activities

Fun City 3 Activities – Mon - Fri


Fun City 3 Activities – Sat & Sun + Public Holidays

Fun City 6 Activities

Fun City 6 Activities – Mon-Fri


Fun City 6 Activities – Sat & Sun + Public Holidays

Fun City Super Day Pass

Fun City Super Day Pass – Mon-Fri


Fun City Super Day Pass – Sat & Sun + Public Holidays


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Monday to Thursday: 12:00pm until 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 9:00am until Midnight
Sunday: 9:00am until 10:00pm


486 Ballarat Road, Sunshine North,
Victoria, 3020.

Phone: (03) 9310 2234 or

How to get there

  • Car
    The closest major arterial is the Western Ring Road. Simply take the Ballarat Road exit and head east (city bound) until you see the Fun City tower then turn left into the Harvey Norman car park.
    GPS Annastasia way Sunshine North.

Additional Information

Height/ Age restrictions may apply on particular rides.