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Want an easier way of purchasing movie tickets to a cinema near you? MyFun has the solution! Village, Event and Birch Carroll & Coyle allows MyFun customers to visit movies cinemas all across Australia.

We'll  bring you the biggest and best movie deals available. Whether you’re into action, comedy, adventure or romance, there’s something to suit everyone. Share lots of laughs and good times with your friends and family at a cinema near you!

Grab a Child's bundle which gives you 4 children's tickets, the Couples bundle gives you 4 Adult tickets (2 double passes) or the Family bundle includes 2 Adult and 2 Child's tickets.

After you have purchased your chosen bundle please go to and enter the barcode when prompted. Please select to visit either a Village Roadshow or Event Cinema. Please refer to the location list before deciding. Some independent cinemas will accept these tickets.  

Be sure to print out your movie vouchers and take along with you.

To view locations click here

Vouchers will be emailed to your chosen inbox within 60mins, if you are experiencing problems please contact 1300 304 798 or email

Things to do

Childs Bundle

A childs bundle consists of four childs vouchers.

Couples Bundle

Couples bundle provides you with two Adult double vouchers

Family Bundle

Family bundle will provide the whole family with two childs vouchers and two adults vouchers

Ticket Information

Pass Option

Ticket Type


MyFun Movie Vouchers

MyFun Movie Vouchers - Child


MyFun Movie Vouchers - Family


MyFun Movie Vouchers - Couple


Visitor Information

Operating Hours

Movie times and session may vary between different cinemas. Please ensure you check the invidual sites.


Additional Information

Vouchers can not be used after 5pm on Saturday

Vouchers will be emailed to your chosen inbox within 60mins.

Vouchers will need to be redeemed at Please use the voucher code located under the bar code when prompted

Instructions to use tickets
1. Choose your movie bundle from either the:
Child's bundle
Couple's bundle
Family bundle
2. Your MyFun tickets will be emailed you within 60mins
3. Once you have received your tickets jump on
4. Enter in your details along with the voucher code located under the bar code from your MyFun ticket when prompted.
5. Wait for your movie tickets to be emailed
6. Have a great time!

Make sure you have a printer to print out and take along with you.

Cinema ticket validity
MyFun ticket can be redeemed on up to 12months after time of purchase.
Once tickets are redeemed on, you must choose either an Event cinema or Village cinema. Please take note of the validity of each ticket. This will range between 5 and 7 months. Please call 1300 325 422 if you have any questions regarding the cinema or the tickets once redeemed.