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Adventure Bay Charters

Getting up close and personal

Adventure Bay Charters are a multi award winning tourism business offering some of South Australia’s best water based animal encounters.

Experience the ultimate ocean safari getting up close and personal with some giants of the sea including the Great White shark or enjoy swimming amongst and the beautiful sea lions of South Australia in their natural habitat.

Things to do

Great White Shark Cage Dive

Experience this thrilling opportunity to get up close and personal with the endangered Great White Shark in its natural habitat. Take a day on the water to visit Shark Bay located on the Neptune Islands, 70 kms from the Port and take a splash with the sharks in the safety of a hardened steel cage. This experience is guaranteed to get the heart racing and one that will never be forgotten.

Swim With the Sea Lions

An unforgettable underwater adventure in beautiful Port Lincoln. Performing Somersaults, back flips, and graceful swirls, these fascinating puppy dogs of the sea will welcome you to the crystal clear waters of Seal Cove and wow you with their underwater production. Join in the fun and become part of underwater playground! This ultimate package is inclusive of mask, snorkel, wetsuit and fins!

Ticket Information

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Adventure Bay Charters Swim with the Sea Lions

Swim with the Sea Lions – Adult Observer


Swim with the Sea Lions – Adult Swim


Swim with the Sea Lions – Child Observer


Swim with the Sea Lions – Child Swim

Adventure Bay Charters Swim with Great Whites

Swim with Great Whites - Adult


Swim with Great Whites – Child (5-16 years)


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Office Hours are Monday to Friday


2 Jubilee Drive, Port
Lincoln, SA 5606

How to get there

  • Car
    The Eyre Peninsula is essentially a self-drive destination. Located at the very bottom tip of the EP, Port Lincoln is approximately 7 -7.5 hours from Adelaide, driving through Port Augusta – the gateway to the outback.
  • Bus
    If time is not an issue, Premier Stateliner Bus Service also runs from Adelaide to Port Lincoln once daily, which takes approximately 10 hours, with numerous passenger stop offs on the journey.
  • Ferry
    The Sea SA Ferry operates daily between Wallaroo (Yorke Peninsula) and Lucky Bay (Eyre Peninsula).

Additional Information

• Participation entirely at own risk, with full indemnity to Adventure Bay Charters.
• All departures are from the Marina Hotel Boarding Pontoon (13 Jubilee Drive) next to the Boat Ramp at the main 
entrance to the Marina Hotel (unless otherwise stated).
• This receipt must be presented at the gate to reclaim appropriate tokens/tags and to show proof of purchase.
• Vessel will depart at departure time shown, NO refunds will be given for missed bookings or late arrivals.
• Adventure Bay Charters reserves the right to offer an alternate trip or alternate date if the trip is cancelled by us.
• On purchase of this receipt No refunds will be given unless the trip is cancelled by Adventure Bay Charters
• All bookings must be paid in full to confirm booking unless stated or agreed otherwise.
• Adventure Bay Charters offer deferrals or alternative dates on a case by case basis.
• Guests must be at departure point at least 15 minutes before departure time.

Adventure Bay Charters cancelation Policy
Tours will be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable.

Terms and Conditions
Purchase of the tickets is subject to our partner’s terms and conditions. Please visit their sites.